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A Few Sales to Shop This Week

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Recreate Favorite Holiday Looks

 Nothing makes me feel more warm and happy inside than the holiday season. 2020 will not take the joy out of it either, lol. The holidays will look a lot different this year, but I am still excited for them! I just wanted to look back on some holiday fun from last year, and find some similar pieces to recreate the festive looks! I know that Thanksgiving is next week, so if you need some inspo, here you go (and yes these could be considered too festive for turkey day, but its part of the holidays and plaid is a must!)   New J. Crew Skirt  and  Similar Skirt Tights Sweater Blazer White Shirt Similar Flats  (use code libby10 ) Similar Tote Scarf Similar Sweater Similar Skirt Similar Flats  (use code libby10 ) Similar Earrings Plaid Pants Turtleneck Similar Jacket Loafers Headband Beanie Similar Jacket White Skirt Tights Boots I had to throw in some Rockefeller tree photos. I am very sad that I will not be able to have any Christmas in New York fun (because if you know, it is the BEST holi

Cozy at Home Gift Guide

  I have my third special gift guide, today. Today's guide is about gifting a cozy home experience to someone. Personally, I really need to be able to enjoy winter and not feel cooped up, so I think making your space cozy, and gifting things for a cozy space is such a great idea. It is fun to have things that make staying indoors more enjoyable! You will find things such as games, puzzles, and cozy layers in this gift guide. You can find my other gift guides here  + here   + here . Catan Board Game | Scrabble | Plaid Mug Yahtzee  |   ChappyWrap  |   Gourmet Hot Cocoa Mix Womens Slippers | Mens Slippers | Womens Dudley Stephens | Mens Dudley Stephens Puzzle  |   Apple TV  |   Blackwatch PJ's  |   Sherpa Jacket  |   Popcorn Maker Games: My family loves a good game night. We are naturally competitive, so game night can get interesting real fast, haha. Some of our favorites are the  Catan Board Game ,  Scrabble  and  Yahtzee .  Yahtzee  has been good for the pandemic be

Grandmillennial Gift Guide with Carolina Dandy

Ok, I think this might be my favorite gift guide of the season! This is also a bonus Sunday gift guide (normally they go up on Wednesday!)!! I wanted to highlight one of my favorite small businesses: Carolina Dandy . Addison runs this sweet shop, and she is the best at curated all of those blue and white, perfectly chinoiserie finds! You all have someone in your life that totally fits that Grandmillennial mold: lover of ginger jars, all things blue and white, decor and a monogram here and there. Carolina Dandy   has the best things for them/ME!! Addison at  Carolina Dandy   wants to make sure you get your gift orders on time, and suggests ordering by Dec. 1 to ensure that. Enjoy this fun blue and white filled gift guide, and let me know if you have any more questions about  Carolina Dandy !!  Topiary Throw Pillow    |   White Ginger Jar Salt+Pepper Shakers Trinket Box   |   Monogrammed Scalloped Cutting Board   |   Ginger Jar Notecards Blue and White Candlesticks   |   Monogrammed Win

Life Lately

  I have a little update post today! I may make this into a series, but I would want to find a new title first, so if you have suggestions, leave them below! I thought it would be fun to share a few personal updates but also include sections on what I am reading, watching, drinking and shopping for! Life Updates: Like many 20-somethings in 2020, I have fought that I may need to move home. But after thinking about it A LOT, I have decided that is whats best for me at this point. It will be great to save money and spend so much time with my family before I hopefully attend medical school next fall. It will also be amazing to be there for the holidays, and not have to worry about travel. If you do not know, I am from Minnesota, but moved to New Jersey for graduate school in 2018. It was always my dream to live on the East coast and be close to NYC, and could finally live that out in 2018. I am sad to leave the East, but am vowing that I will be back soon! (So all the NJ, NY, PA, and CT sc

My Wish List (more gift ideas!)

  I am sharing my own wishlist today. Every year, I feel guilty asking for things for some reason, but my mom/family always asks me for a list and to give a few suggestions! (Anyone else not like to pick out their own gifts haha? I just love the thoughtfulness and surprise element!) I tried to think of practical things and things that I will get a ton of use out of this winter and upcoming year. I think I did a good job of curating my own list, haha. If you need more gift ideas, or are not sure of what to ask for, this might be a great place to start! (you can also scroll down to shop the post!!) Check out my other Gift Guides: Core Gift Guides   |   Small Business Gift Guide Hydroflask : I drink SO much water every day. Lately, I have been using a big mason jar and straw combo that I fill up so many times per day. It gets annoying to keep refilling my cup, and I would really love a Hydroflask! I would also like a straw lid to go with it for very easy hydrating, haha.  Mini Uggs : I h

I Used to be a Picky Reader

The title of this post is true, and I was a picky reader. I would even say the phrase "I am a picky reader" when I was younger and in school. I couldn't even tell you what exactly I envisioned for the type of books I liked when I was picky- I read, but was VERY selective with my reads, haha. I have to laugh at it now, as I look back. In the past couple of years, however, I have really let my reading guards down, and am just reading really anything. Well, not quite anything because I do not like super scary books that I cannot read before bed, haha.  I feel like I have had a personal reading renaissance! I really just want to be reading, and will read whatever I can get my hands on. I have realized that I enjoy many genres from nonfictions like science, history and biographies, to fictions that grab me in and tell a great story that I can picture in my head as I read along. I had the realization that I am no longer a picky reader when I asked my best girlfriends for some b