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Fall is for Apples

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What I'm Loving

This dress is in stock!
Hello friends! I am here with my September edition of What I'm Loving. I realized that I had failed at doing these monthly, and my last one was in July (whoops 😬). I cannot believe that September is half way over?? Like this is corny, but actually where is the time going?!? This past weekend, we went to visit some friends in Philly to watch some sports ball at a fun bar, and WOW I was like how is it already football season?!?
Any way, I have had my eye on, and have been loving a number of things already this month, so enjoy. Also sharing some things from August because I missed that month!

Starbucks new pumpkin drink! This pumpkin cream cold brew they have out is freaking amazing. I always ask for it less sweet, but I did try the regular version with all of the syrup pumps, and it was also good! (I just prefer coffee things less sweet!) I would 10000% recommend that you try this, this season!

GMG September Collection I was not ready/excited for the fall seas…

Lilly Pulitzer #APS Picks

OMG it is day 2 of the Lilly sale! I was all ready to wake up early yesterday, and be the first in line, but I definitely turned off my alarm, and went back to bed, haha! I did, get in with minimal wait time, and found a couple pieces. I am sharing some pieces that I either NEED in my closet, or that I already have and love. I know there will be another drop sometime today, and another drop on Wednesday, so keep checking back to the sale if you cannot find anything that you are completely in love with! My picks barely scratch the surface of what is available in the sale, so I would definitely check it out if you have time!

Midi length shirt dress (I always get so MANY complements on this!)

Two-piece set

Mila shift dress (My favorite shift style from Lilly!) (Linked the same dress in a similar color way! This one was available this morning, and if you want to look for it, the pattern is Lobsters in Love!)

Seersucker romper  (OH NO, as I went to link it, it was no longer on the website, b…

Cheers to 1 YEAR!

I cannot believe I have been at this for one year. I started because I was starting a rigorous grad school program, and felt like I needed a hobby/outlet. Having a blog is also something that I had always wanted to do. I do not really know why I didn't just go for it years ago, but I am glad I decided to impulsively do so one year ago. So here is my big brand dump post for 1 year 😊
It has been a year. I have learned so  much about me, life, and just generally. First, I moved from MN (home) to NJ for graduate school. It was not a bad transition because I have always wanted to live on the East Coast, but it was still hard saying goodbye. I am so happy with my decision, as I am ~not to brag~ killing it in grad school, and really feel ready with a strong application for medical school. Second, this past year of grad school has been no small feat. My program is modeled after medical school classes, so the intensity was/is high. There was a lot of times, especially spring semester, wh…

A Taste of Fall

Shirtdress (on sale!)  |  Similar flats  |  Similar bag
Hello September! I have really been struggling with what I want vs need to shop for. I am totally still in summer mode because it is technically summer until the 23! BUT, all of the fall lines are out, so I can't really shop for summer any more, ahah. Quite the dilemma.  While in J. Crew the other day I felt they had a great mix of end of summer and early fall things. I actually found this super cute shirtdress that will be good for spring, summer, and fall. It is a simple black shirt dress with a little sleeve, and a cute little sash to tie in a bow. My mom, being the genius she is, offered that I could take of the sash, and wear it with any belt I wanted around the waist of the dress! I know this is easy, but how easy to change the look of a simple, chic dress?!!? I''m sold, thanks mom!

This dress just gave such a New York vibe when I picked it out. A classic black shirtdress pairs nicely with this timeless city. And…

Sunset and Rosé

Today is my first day of the semester!! I cannot believe I will be done with my Master's after this!! I am still in a summer state of mind, ahahah, so here's something from my vacation 😊.
The other night, on our Hamptons/Long Island trip, we took a sunset boat cruise around Montauk. I am one of those people who love to watch a sunset. There is something so beautiful about watching the sun go down on, and seeing all of the gorgeous colors of sky. I have seen sunsets in many places around the country, but this one was incredible. It was BYOB, so I picked out a totally Hamptons vibes bottle of rosé for us called Summer in a Bottle from Wolffer (where we went on my birthday!). I obviously had to bring these portable wine glasses. I actually won these from a giveaway Helen (Style Inherited) was doing to celebrate her blogiversary! They are from a brand called Goverre, and they are perfect for rosé.

For my sunset cruise style, I went with an easy classic Hamptons style: white jean…

End of the World

Dress (more sizes here + on sale!)  |  Similar hat  |  Sweater

This place, Montauk, Actually feels like the end of the world. It is the most eastern point of Long Island, and is surrounded by the ocean. I love walking down the little path to the beach next to the lighthouse, and listening to the waves crash against the rocks. It feels so serene. While out there for a little trip, I wore this Gal Meets Glam dress out East. The simple pattern, and colors felt perfect for Montauk. And, the maxi length kept be a bit warm when the wind picked up by the ocean. What a great day, and we topped it off with a sunset cruise (post to come soon!)
As always,