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What I'm Loving ~Christmas Edition~

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Holiday Bucket List

I have taken inspiration from some others on this one, but after seeing some really great posts about holiday bucket lists, I started to think about mine, and decided that I should too share it!!

I can't believe how fast the month of December has come, and is half way through!! I have definitely been able to do some amazing Christmas-y things (see this post about NYC Christmas!), but have not done many of my December traditions. So, here are the things that I WILL get done by the end of the year!

Sweater  |  Plaid Button-up  |  Skirt  |  Similar Socks, these too!

-Make Cookies!

-Go light seeing.

-Wrap presents!! ~I actually love doing this, and find it therapeutic~

-Visit my favorite MN coffee shop for the "Christmas in a Cup" latte.

-Watch some Christmas movies: Santa Clause, Christmas Vacation, Home Alone. And, watch White Christmas more!!

-Wear festive jammies!

-Visit my fave place in MN, Betty Danger's, for prickly pear mimosas, and a winter ride on the Danger wheel.


NYC Christmas Tips

Happy Thursday! It is almost the weekend which is great, but then I have exams next that's not great 😂.

Last week, when I was galavanting in NYC to see all the Christmas sites, I was thinking about what people would want to know during their first NYC Christmas trip. I have only been once during the holidays (last week), but I feel like the one experience gave me so much insight for future trips!!

1. Getting into the city. There is multiple ways you can get into NY. If you can, I suggested driving and parking in a New Jersey city across the river from NYC. From there, you can take the PATH in. Super super easy!

2. Go on a week day if you can!! NY can be very busy and crowded during the holidays. Going on a week day will mean less crowds. I went on a Thursday, and during the day, Rockefeller Plaza, and the tree were almost empty. So great!!

3. Have a general plan about the sites you want to see, so you can map it out accordingly. It is easiest to go from "bottom to top,…

My First NYC Christmas!

I had the most magical day this week. For the first time, I was fortunate enough to see the gorgeous sites of NYC at Christmas time!!! This has been a life long dream of mine for forever. I seriously felt like Buddy the Elf as I explored the Holiday sites of the city 💕 {I'm also writing this post while watching White Christmas!...I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS}

When we got there, we first walked through Harold Square outside Macy's, and looked at the adorable window displays! Next, we continued up to Rockefeller Plaza. On the way we stopped by Bryant Park, to wander the adorable Christmas mart. We looked in cute little shops, saw some yummy treats, and for a split second, we contemplated ice skating. Aha, we decided it was too crowded for our VERY amateur status skating 😂

We started back up to Rockefeller Plaza after Bryant Park. When turning the corner to the Plaza, I saw it. THE tree. It was my first time seeing it, and I was over the moon. It was so impressive, and festive. I could no…

The Right Study Spot

I am a creature of habit, except when it comes to where I study. Finding the right study spot is the best way to ensure study productiveness. Lately, I have been mixing up my study spot more than ever. 

I have found different places on campus that compliment my study mood for the day/week. Each place a different vibe about it, and enhances your study session. 

One of my favorite spots lately, has been these high tables in front of big windows. The area has a ton of natural light, and the light makes me feel energized while I sit there for hours on end. I also like the high table because it allows me to sit and stand while working, which is good to get blood circulating all over your body, especially to the brain while studying! 

Another great spot is this one corner of the library on my campus. It is a little nook by a window with individual desks that are very roomy for all of my studying supplies, like coffee, and copious amounts of colorful pens and highlighters!

I have realized that n…

Lab Headshots

I am so excited to share that I am now part of a great lab, and have an amazing mentor for my Master's Capstone Project. I will be continuing research in tuberculosis management and care, and could not be more excited!! Here's some shots from our little photoshoot the other day. And by photoshoot, I mean we turned up some music, put some blue poster-board on the door as a background, and had a BLAST!! The photos came out so so adorable!!

Similar Sweater  |  Glasses  |  Lipstick
As always,

Black Friday Round-Up

I may have done some damage Black Friday Shopping...😊

There was so many awesome sales happening, and I could not resist. Especially because J. Crew was having 50% off your purchase!!! What is that?!? It never happens, so I had to take advantage!!

There was other great sales, and I also found a new winter coat!! Here is what I found:

J. Crew Finds:

Tartan Button-up-- LOVE this top! I felt it ran a little big and sized down. 

Sleeveless Tartan Top-- Super cute, and runs big, I sized down.

Tartan Pants--I mean I already was buying out the tartan section, so had to get the pants. I felt they were too short for me, so I ordered them in a tall size. 

Shirt Dress--The red seems to be sold out, but the Navy and Camel colors are pretty, too!

Sweater--Yes, I bought this sweater in a fourth color!!