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A day in St. Augustine

I have a confession to make...these photos are from March 😂. We took them on our spring break trip to Florida, but my dad wanted to use his new camera, and he never got around to uploading them until I was home last month!

When we went to FL during my March spring break, we spent a couple days at Disney, then headed to the Atlantic Coast. One of the days, we took a little trip up to St. Augustine, Florida. If you have never been, it is a beautiful old town. Actually, I think it is one of the oldest towns in the US. All of the architecture is a charming, Spanish colonial style, and you really feel brought back in time. 

I remember that the entire trip was a little on the chilly side, like 60+ degrees, minimal sun, and some rain...not the beach vacation I was hoping for, aha. But, we made the most of exploring the historic town. We had been there before, so it was more like revisiting our favorite spots! Because it was pretty chilly, I opted for white jeans, and my trusty sweater blaz…

What I'm Loving

It has been a few months since my last What I'm Loving! Seems so long ago!

Bon Appétit on Youtube // I try not to watch too TV/Netflix etc., but when I do watch something there is a high possibility that it is a cooking show. I have followed Bon Appetit on Youtube for a while now, and love every single video they upload. I think my favorite series is "Gourmet Makes." They are all videos of one chef recreating gourmet versions of classic junk/packaged food. If only I could taste her finished products. That would be the dream! (One time, I passed Chef Claire on the street in NYC, but was too excited/shy/nervous to say hi, will you bake for me 😂. So, Hi Claire, if you ever see this!)

Light, flowy summer dresses  //  Lately, it has been so incredibly hot and humid here on the East Coast. This weather has had me wearing any dress in my closet that is light, and breezy. Most of the dresses on repeat have also been on the longer side; this is for extra breeze and flowy-ness on …

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July!! I hope you all are having a fantastic holiday full of good food, and good company. I just wanted to keep it short today, and wish everyone a great 4th! Also, I love this #tbt with my sweet Bailey!
xx  Libby

10 Summer Essentials

Each season, I kind of end up having a handful of things that become my go-to's. I find the things I love for the season, and keep them on repeat. I wear some so often that I start to refer to certain outfits as my summer uniform, haha!

Here are my summer essentials, just in time for July 4th! I also asked on my Instagram (@libbylovepearls) if you have some favorite summer essentials, and added the most popular responses to the list! Some of the actual things I wear are sold out or from a couple of years ago, so I found links for similar things!

Navy shorts
Striped shirt
White jeans
Fun handbag Jacks
Sunhat (+ sunscreen)
High waisted swim suit- top + bottom
A Lilly dress
Sleeveless button up

As always,

New Summer KJP (+ they're having a sale!!)

So today, I got the happiest email from Kiel James Patrick, featuring some super cute new pieces, and that they have a 4th of July sale!! The sale is 20% off any thing with the code America. I would definitely take advantage of this! Here are my favorite new things from KJP. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!

Striped shirt dress // I had all the feels when I saw this dress. First, it is striped AND a shirt dress! Second, it is actually named "Bristol Parade." That is the oldest 4th of July Parade in the country, and I had the privilege of marching in it during my high school marching band trip to New England in 2010 (omg that was 9 years ago?!?). That day it was about 110 degrees, and we wore all black uniforms....if you are familiar with the parade, it is a LONG LONG LONG route, and I somehow, barely survived. So, I think I need this dress for (just about) surviving that day, ahah!

Flag sweater // What a cute little flag sweater! I normally am not one for a flag on my ch…

Your Perfect Staycation Itinerary!

Sometimes a staycation is the better way to relax, and unwind. There is less stress, less planning, and virtually no travel! It does not sound as chic as a real vacation, but lets be real, you will probably be better rested, and feel more comfortable during a staycation than a real vacation. To me, that sounds like the chicest way to "travel!" It also gives you an excuse to do things in your city that you have always wanted to do, but do not have the time for. Today, I have put together a chic, relaxing, and fun staycation itinerary. I guarantee that a fabulous staycation is exactly what you needed!

--I am currently home in Minnesota, so the natural first stop on our staycation is to visit one of the 10,000 lakes here. A pool/ocean works if a lake is not your thing! For this, you will definitely need a great beach bag will all of the essentials, including a nice lightweight towel that is perfect for a comfortable time in the sun. Like this one (I have the blue, and it is dre…