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What to Wear for the Fourth of July

  I cannot believe it is almost July! This summer is going by too fast for me, and I go back to school in early august this year so I don't have that much summer left! Anyway, we are so close to the Fourth of July, that I that I wanted to put together some festive Americana looks for the holiday. I tied together pieces from every kind of style I love: classic/preppy style and feminine/grandmillennial all with a twist of coastal grandmother because it just works :) No matter your plans for the long holiday weekend, I have a look for you. Wishing you cool thoughts if there is also a heatwave where you live, and happy summer! Striped Shirt | White Dress | Red Nap Dress | Swim Top + Bottom | Button-up Shorts | Bow Sandals* | Cardigan | White Statement Earrings Bow Top | Straw Tote | Espadrilles | Headband White Jeans | Sailor Dress | Short Striped Dress | Swimsuit | Stripe Tiered Maxi *use code SARAHFLINT-BALIBBYM for $50 off these cutie sandals! As always, #dontforgetyo

Renter Friendly Decor Ideas

  I have had so much putting together my apartment over the past almost year. It has been the first time that something is truly my space and I could decorate how ever I wanted to. Obviously, there are a lot of things you cannot change about a rental, but there is things that you can add and tweak to make a space that reflects your style. I say the majority of apartments do not allow you to paint (although I've seen some that do allow it), so that means getting creative with putting your personality in you tiny home.  My favorite area is definitely my dining area. It came together perfectly after I found these cane back chairs on Facebook Marketplace. Every element in the space just works so well together, and love being  in it. I knew I would be home a lot studying when I started medical school, so I wanted to create a space that I loved, felt comfortable and wanted to be in :) Peel + Stick Removable Wall Paper - I LOVE that I did this to a wall in my apartment. It really made the

Beach Vacation Packing List

  A real beach vacation sounds amazing. I am imagining renting a house with a pool on the beach and going from pool to beach all day, then freshening up for fun dinners at night. There is no better feeling than the post sun/pool/beach day shower! My ideal beach vacay suitcase is filled with a lot of swimsuits, dresses and SPF. I also have been eyeing this lace Nap Dress , and think that because it is un-lined that it could make a cute beach cover up during the day, and then add a slip and you have a gorgeous dinner dress! I also LOVE this little after swim cover up too. A great tote that can double as beach and dinner should also be in the beach suitcase- I love this one from POOLSIDE . Here is what I would bring on a beach vacation this summer! Lace Nap Dress | Swim Top + Bottom | Sun Hat | White Top Lace Up Sandals * | White Swimsuit | Shorts   Striped Shirt | Swim Top + Bottom | Button-up | Straw Tote Linen Pants | Floral Mini Dress | Espadrilles | Blue + White Dress   *D

Looking and Loving

  Happy weekend! I have been off my blog game this week, but I am back home in MN for some time, and it's been so good to feel a little more relaxed and have all the cuddles with our dog. I feel like I have been eyeing up so many fun things as I online window shop as part of duty of being a blogger/content creator. So today, I am sharing a handful of pieces that I'm eyeing!  Dress These Wedges - I always think I am not a wedge girly until I remind myself that my favorite summer shoe is an espadrille...that has a wedge, haha. I guess espadrilles don't feel like a traditional wedge in my mind. Sarah Flint released a few pairs of wedges in their summer collection and they are darling. And of course, they have that *chef's kiss* SF cushioning and arch support. I am highly considering ordering myself a pair! You can use my code SARAHFLINT-BALIBBYM for $50 your own pair too! This Aprés Swim Cover up - This is a new release from Weezie Towels, and oh my goodness it is darlin

10 White Dresses for Summer

Even though I am firm wearer of white all year long, I gravitate more towards white and white dresses come summer time. I think there is just something so effortless about a white dress during the warm season. A white dress is really a piece you can have in your closet for the long haul because the color is timeless, so even if the silhouette is a bit trendier, I think you can make it work for years to come.  I have looked through all of my favorite places to shop to find 10 great white dresses I think are worth having in your closet this summer. If you are a bride, a graduate, or just in need of a white dress, then you have come to the right place!  Top Row:   One  |   Two  |   Three  |   Four  |   Five Bottom Row:   One  |   Two  |   Three  |   Four  |   Five As always, #dontforgetyourpearls SHOP THE POST:   JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content.

Rules for a Coastal Grandmother Summer

  I am not sure if you follow Eli Rallo (@thejarr) on TikTok, but she has this series where she gives her "rules" for a certain occasion, scenario, or week. I was very much inspired by her and thought about what would the rules be for having your best coastal grandmother summer. Think walks on the beach, sea salt air and lots of outdoor living and dining. Sounds ideal to me! Here's the rules:  1. Sun Protection - Yes we love to be outside and love the sun, but no we don't love sun burns and skin damage. Make sure you have your sunhat , face sunscreen , body sunscreen and sunglasses! 2. Rosé is the drink of choice - Rosé is the perfect summer drink. It is light, refreshing, and not overly sweet. It is perfect for you coastal gran summer because to me, it just gives coastal vibes, especially Hamptons beach vibes. If you need a recommendation for a good rosé, Wolffer Estate is my go to! So this summer, we're drinking rosé. 3. Beach walks - The obvious rule, beach wa