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My Gal Meets Glam Collection

Hello! You might have already figured this out, but I have a serious obsession with every single Gal Meets Glam dress and collection. I feel like I am starting to grow quite the collection of the insanely beautiful dresses. I recently did a poll on my Instagram, and you guys said that you wanted to see my collection. I have compiled pictures from older posts, and from my iPhone to show you!

I have purchased all of these on sale, or received them as gifts (thanks mom). I think getting them on sale is my secret for buying Gal Meets Glam dresses. They are 100% worth the investment, and will always be in style because they are such classic pieces and silhouettes. A new collection comes out about every month, and every month I look at it, and think: I want it all!! The next drop is March 13th, and I am so excited!!

I have added the name of each dress below the picture. Because these are from the "older" collections, I cannot find most of the links. But here are my tips if you see…

Beauty Empties

These are some beauty empties I've recently finished! I have had some inspiration for this, and thought I would share mine!
You know when you find something you like, and you use every last bit of it? These have been that for me. I will mark the products I use in my normal routine with an "*", and everything else is something new I tried, and LOVED!

Dry shampoo* ~ This is my absolute FAVORITE dry shampoo ever. It leaves your hair so so soft, and does not leave the gritty feeling on your scalp. Kind of spendy, but totally worth it!Concealer ~My mom got this in an Ipsy, and gave it to me, and it really did like it a lot. Has great coverage, and is easily blended. Also, it does not feel heavy on the skin. I really like that it had a doe foot applicator, too!Hair thickening conditioner ~Aveda is my all time favorite hair care that I have been using for over 10 years. This conditioner actually works. I usually use a little amount with my normal conditioner, and it prevents brea…

Travel Style

Spring break is coming up fast! I think I have a little trip planned somewhere warm, and just need to work out the details. I love going on a warm weather getaway. The only thing is that during cooler months, it can be awkward to dress for a flight somewhere bundle up to go to the airport, but as soon as you get off that plane, you can't shed those layers fast enough!

First, I would like to share my "pro" tip for travel: no matter where you are headed, always bring a big scarf to use as a blanket! I have been wearing my Mark and Graham one non stop since I got it. The scarf is now on sale with free monogramming!!

I also like to wear leggings to fly, or a dress if it summer in my departing location. I feel like leggings are not the most glamorous, but they look nice, and are comfy. I usually pair the leggings with a button up shirt, and/or sweater. If I wear a dress, I usually wear a light cardigan over it.

For a travel jacket, I usually wear something light t…

Spring Arrivals at J. Crew

J. Crew is really killing it with their new arrivals for spring. They have ALL of the gingham, and if you know me, you know my obsession with gingham 😂. They have gingham everything right now, including a restock on my favorite gingham pants. They are also still having a sale with an extra 30% off with code GOFORIT. So, as we all dream about spring, I thought I would share my J. Crew Spring wishlist!

Gingham jacketGingham dressEyelet shirtStriped shirtGingham sling-backsGingham Pants

I will be back soon with some swimsuits that have been on my radar!! Until then, stay warm!

As always,


On Handling Stress

Last week was one for the books, and not for the good books. It was one of those weeks when one horrible thing happens, and it spirals downward from there. I spent 4/5 of the school days feeling completely stressed, and on edge. I have never felt that level before. Because of this, I only did the bare minimum of studying, and I know my classmates felt it too. The feeling did improve, and I felt a lot lighter by the end of the week, if that makes sense. It didn't take much to get me to a better place by the end of the week, and I realized that I have handled stress pretty well my entire life.

Everyone handles stress/anxiety in their own way. We all come up with our own coping mechanisms that we know work for us. I think it is crucial to know this about yourself, so you know what to do when things feel like too much. It is so good to be in tune with your body in all of your dimensions of physical, mental and emotional health. I cannot emphasize this enough!

Here are my tips on how …

Cozy Rooftop Brunch