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For the Gals- Galentines Gifts 💖

Happy week of Galentine's (or Valentine's) day! I really like to take this week to celebrate the awesome women in my life. I have so many great ones 💖. I have put together a little guide as to what you could get your Galentine, but sometimes the simple gift of a phone call or sweet card is enough to someone you care about them! {If you are significant other of a Valentine, then you are also in the right place!}

Silk Scrunchies: I gave these to my mom for Christmas, and she is obsessed with them. I have used one a few times, and I understand the luxury hair tie life. It keeps your hair in place, does not pull on your hair, and best of all, does NOT leave a crease!!

Pink Lip balm: I love this shade of pink from NARS, and they make it in all sorts of products now, like this lip balm. I tried it in store, and I loved the fun color while nourishing your lips! I think every gal likes a little make up gift!

Pajamas: I have the two piece bow-print set of these jammies, and they are suc…

Winter Florals

Coat  |  Boots  |  Dress

Coat  |  Boots  |  Dress
I was not sure about this coat when it first came out, but then I got to see it in person at the Margaux x Gal Meets Glam event in NYC, and thought it was the chicest take on a classic trench. The embroidered florals make it perfect all year round, but I have been loving this pop of color in winter. The trench has a quilted lining, and is quite warm! ( I would say that it is better for "warmer" winter days for me, because I am perpetually chilled.) The coat is on major sale on GMGC (its linked, don't worry) for under $150 (original price was over $350, so its a HUGE mark down!!).
Also, since when did I become trendy girl with a love for headbands, and OTK boots?!? I saw these were on sale at Nordstrom (still are!), and I was like, whelp, those are coming home with me. This brand of boots is made to be *waterproof*. I feel like it will be a huge game changer for the rest of winter and winters to come! I feel so stylish in t…

What I'm Loving no. 12

How is it the END of January?! ( I definitely almost wrote end of February, and was like girl pump the brakes 😂.) The end of the month does mean another edition of my favorites! I love writing these kinds of posts, and watching favorites videos on YouTube. Anyone else relate? 
Yeti Tumbler  // My mom wanted this for some holiday last year, but always forgets to use it! I decided that I would make good use out of it, and gifted it to me, haha. And, I LOVE it!! One of my goals is to not use single-use coffee cups this year. If I am going out and about I make sure to have this with me if I feel I will want a little pick me up! The tumbler keeps the coffee warm all day, too so it has been nice to have something warm while I am back in the tundra of MN for a bit!
Dudley Stephens boatneck fleece // I think it is clear that I have a love or obsession with these fleeces. I wear them all the time, and make them cozy-casual or cozy-dressed up! Because it is winter and REALLY cold, I have been r…

2020 Intentions

Welcome back to PWP!
I took a bit of an unexpected break due to an extended vacation, but am getting back at it! I felt like a great "first" post back in the new year would be to chat about some goals, but notice how I did not title this 2020 goals/resolutions. I used the word Intentions because it has a better connotation to me; it feels less pressured and less negative. I am all about creating a happy mind and physical space, so saying intentions cast a better light on things I want to accomplish!
1. Sustainability- Last year, I really focused on not buying plastic water bottles, and being better about reusable straws and bags. I feel like I was successful here, so I want to continue doing this, and add to not use single use coffee cups; I have already been killing this one, this month, and have gone out for coffee many times, and always had my own mug!! Other things I have thoughts about to better sustainability: make less waste, use less paper towels, use less zip top pl…

What I'm packing for Florida

I am on my way to Florida right now! We go south every winter. It used to be over the holidays, but last year we went after New Year's, and like how it was less crazy/busy, so we are doing the same thing this year! We have been going to Florida for the Holidays for a very long time; it has to be over 10 years. This is my favorite holiday tradition my family has. I almost start to crave sunshine at this time of year because I know the trip is coming.

Here is (mostly) what I am bringing with this year. I didn't even realize, but I started to pack with a theme: blue and white (with accents of pink!). Of course! I find that sticking to a color scheme makes mixing and matching easier, and can help you pack lighter (help being the key word, lol).

Happy new year, and as always,


What I'm Loving no. 11: 2019 Favorites!!!

I have been having a great little break relaxing and hanging with the fam (that's why there has been a bit of a radio silence over her)! The holiday was great, and I got the fam to wear two different matching plaid outfits #goals! (LOL)
It has been over one month since my last What I'm Loving....whoops, looks like I missed November! Thats ok because it was kind of a crazy month for me, just as this month as been. It is also almost the end of the year. So instead of combined November/December favorites, I am going to share my top 10 favorites of 2019! I obviously have way more than 10 favorites from 2019, but I tried to narrow it down to what I used the most, and what brought me the most joy. These favorites are anything from a piece of clothing, to skin care, to just some random things. I tried to pick things that I first tried in 2019 in hopes that most things are still available if you want to try it for yourself!
1. S'well Bottle
This was my most used item of 2019! Befo…