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A Quarantine Staycation

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Lake Life

Here it is! My edition of #PreppyGirlSummer (remember Preppy Girl Fall!). I love this so much because I was able to shoot it in my favorite lake spot in Minnesota. AND, I found this amazing sweater from Minnetucket + Golden Girl Travel by Ellsworth and Ivey!
I grew by lakes, and I think this is why I love being by the water. I took these (safely) at my favorite lake town on Lake Minnetonka (like the sweater!). I love a good white jean for summer, and these are currently are a great deal at Nordstrom Rack! I love the raw hem and button fly. These with Jacks and my new favorite sweater felt like the perfect summer night by the lake outfit.

Dog is not included, ahaha. She loves the water just as much as I do. A quick note for my Minnesota gals, or anyone,  interested in this sweater: the Minnetucket shop is closed right now because Molly, the shop owner, is out of town; it will be open again on August 9!!
Sweater  |  Madewell Jeans (at NordstromRack for $70!)  |  Sandals  |  Mask Sweater her…

Nordstrom Sale

I have never really shopped the Nordstrom sale, but when I heard that my all time favorite Gal Meets Glam dress was part of it, I decided to check it out. It is a very strange time to shop such a sale, but thought that very succinct, curated picks would be interesting to you! This year Nordstrom has a sale preview where you can actually save things to a wishlist so you can just shop from there when it is time. I have gone through almost everything in the preview, and made my curated list. I picked things that I have and love or know they are classic staples (for #wfh and post pandemic future) or know that they rarely go on sale. First is clothes, second is hair and beauty.
The sale start date is August 4 for Nordstrom cardholders/highest Nordy Club status. I do not have a Nordstrom credit card, and am only at the most basic tier of their Insider rewards program, so I won't be able to shop until August 13. I hope the dress I want is still in stock!!  Keep in mind that the preview is …


Similar dress + Similar dress
My new hobby: needlepointing!!! I am so glad I tried it out in January 2020. Before buying a canvas and pattern to learn the skill, I definitely saw it take off as a trend. This is one trend I can get behind! I started with this pineapple cross-stitch pattern+canvas I found at a big box craft store. After my mom showed me how to stitch, I was hooked. I started to needlepoint because I needed another outlet for stress relief as I started to rigorously study for the MCAT. It felt good to be doing something that required no real brain power or critical thinking. It was honestly love at first stitch 😂
It was perfect timing when quarantine started because I knew that I had something more to do to fill the extra free time. I love how it is an activity that involves working with your hands, and you can occupy them without holding your phone/tablet etc. It is the best way to relax AND be productive at the same time. It feels good to know that you are working towar…

Cute Face Masks

Mask wearing will definitely be the norm for the foreseeable future. There is A LOT of scientific evidence that links correct mask wearing to decreased transmission and incidence of disease. (So this is my plea for each of you to please, please wear a mask! Even if your state does not mandate it, please set an example for others, and wear that mask.)
We have been making masks at home because we have a sewing machine. It has been a fun project for the past four months, but I realize that not everyone has a sewing machine and needs to purchase already made masks. I have seen some REALLY cute masks out there. I love that so many businesses have hopped on the mask train, and have come out with their own collections. I personally think that the non-medical masks are so much more fun for errands and every day wear, and that we should save the medical masks for the healthcare and frontline workers. I think all the masks available on the market is so clever because there is something for every…

The Basket Bag Edit

Happy Sunday, friends! I have a fun, short and sweet post for today! I have had an increasing affinity for basket/straw/wicker bags in the past couple of years. Something about them just says summer, and I am here for that message. I love how they are multi-functioning: a hand bag, a beach bag or for decoration and storage when you are not using them! I only have a couple of them, but love how versatile the bags are. My favorite wicker bag is from J. McLaughlin, but I cannot find it!! I think it is called the Aria, so keep a look out if you are in love with the bag in the picture.
 I love all kinds of the basket bag: mini sizes, structured, novelty shapes {like the sea shell below}, and big totes! You can totally find the perfect basket bag on a budget- I have included options for all different budgets 😊. I just love the idea of having a sunhat wall next to floating shelves displaying all of my cute wicker bags, and using big basket totes for pretty storage. One day it will happen! Enj…

What I'm Loving no. 17

June felt like it came and went. I swear yesterday was the just the first week of June! How has July Fourth already come and gone, and its practically mid July!? I promise I will be better about getting my monthly favorites up more quickly, ahah.

This months list is a long one 😊.

Gardening-  My aunt and uncle have a garden every summer. This year, however, we started the garden from SEEDS in late March. It was so fun to watch them sprout, I feel like they are my children, and the day we planted them outside felt like sending them to kindergarten, haha. It has been a surprisingly stress relieving activity, and it feels good to know exactly where your food is coming from. Look out for a full on gardening post and garden tour soon!
Partake cookies- OMG these cookies!! I found this brand of cookies when I was looking for ways to support the Black community, so yes this is a Black-owned business that is also women run! We. Love. This. The cookies are free of the top 8 allergens including glut…