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Blue and White For Fall

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3 Years of PreMed Wears Pearls

  My 3 year blogiversary was a couple of weeks ago, and I am so deep into studying and school that I missed it! I can now think clearly, as my first block of medical school exams are done, aha. I had some things I wanted to celebrate and discuss from the past 3 years, so this post is better late than never. I want to share how much everything around me, including myself, has gone through change and different iterations since starting PreMed Wear Pearls. I love to think I have a great time capsule/diary to look back on and remember specific points of my life, and myself in a certain time. And now that I am no longer "PreMed," I am looking to give this space a bit of an update, so stay tuned for that 😋. For starters , we are not premed anymore! I am officially a student doctor, and it just doesn't feel real yet (and yes, I have been in school for over a month, aha). It has been a big change, but felt like no change at all; it really does not feel like I moved to a new stat

Fall Wishlist

  Even though it is still 90 degrees in Indiana, we are getting into full on fall and pumpkin spice season. Fall is not typically my favorite season, but it is still fun to dress and shop for. I recently placed a few orders for some fall pieces, but there is still some on my wishlist. This year, dressing for fall feels a little different for me. I have been so in love with exploring the feminine, grandmillennial side of my style, that I want to incorporate it into my fall style. It is hard to bring all those blue and whites into fall when the fashion season tends to move towards darker colors and neutrals.  With that said, that classic fall, classic style/east coast prep is something I love! There are such great pieces out this season, and I love that they are bringing in those feminine elements of puff sleeves and some lighter colors. Puff sleeves have become one of my favorite trends that is not too trendy. Clogs should also be on your fall wishlist. They are back, and they are the p

My Daily Routine

  I have always been someone who thrives off of a routine. I think that's why I loved going to school as a child because the whole day was a one big routine, aha. I also love reading about and watching other people's daily routines because it feels oddly calming to me. I thought it would be fun to share my daily routine in medical school. Hint: there's A LOT of studying! I also hope this can help if you are struggling finding a routine, or are looking to change yours. Mine is not the that ground breaking, but it works for me. Wake-up around 5:30am: I like to have time in the morning, and not wake up and feel completely rushed out the door. I usually make coffee and sit on the couch for a few minutes to just enjoy it. That is always the best part of the morning! I also wash my face or body shower or full shower with a hair wash. At 6ish to 6:50am , I wake up my brain, and do a study review. I've been doing my Anki cards for the day in the morning because I feel the most

Weekend Finds: Labor Day Weekend Sales!

Dress | Sandals - use code SARAHFLINT-BALIBBYM for $50! Happy long weekend! I am so so so happy to have extra day this weekend to recharge after my first two weeks of medical school. It was been wild with highs and lows and moments of why did I do this to myself to moments of feeling complete joy that I am following my childhood dream. Here's your sign to just go for it.  Anyway, I thought it would be fun to have an extra post this week and highlight some of the holiday weekend sales. I have added a big round up of all of my favorite items on sale. I tried to pick the brands that I like to wear and some small businesses- there is obviously a ton more sales than this, this weekend, but I did not want to have a long, overwhelming post, aha. - J. Crew : 40% off your purchase with code HELLOFALL, and 60% off of sale. - Dudley Stephens : 25% off with the code LABORDAY. Now is a great time to grab the fleece you've been eyeing because they rarely do sales like this, and they tend t

Fall Trend: Clogs

  I have a confession: I have loved clogs for so long. I am so excited that these are coming back this fall! I have been eyeing so many fun styles of clogs from so many different brands and stores, in the past few weeks. There are so many great pairs, and even Target has gotten in on the trend. My love for clogs goes back to when I worked as a scribe in family medicine. My dress code was business casual and I had to wear close-toe shoes that I could run around the clinic in, but still looked nice and were comfy. Clogs were/are great because they give you some height, are comfy, and go with any look. I had so many pairs that I had to retire because of 2 straight years of daily wear! I rounded up some great styles I have been eyeing this season, and made sure to include all price points. The pair from Target I included, is only $30! A note on this pair though, is that they have been going in and out of stock so quickly, so if you want a pair snag them as soon as you see them in your siz

Recent Reads

  I feel like I have read so many great books over the summer! I just started class, so I am not sure how much I will be able to read, but I hope to incorporate some recreational reading as I figure out my schedule and routine. I do love to read before bed so hopefully I can continue that! Any way, here are the books I have recently read. I feel like I am missing one but I cannot put my finger on it, hah. I need some more book recommendations, so please leave me a comment with a good one! 1. The Perfect Couple - This was my first read by Elin Hilderbrand, and It it is safe to say I want to read all of her books! Hilderbrand is such a great story teller, and I was so sucked into this murder mystery set on Nantucket. 2. Malibu Rising - If you loved The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo as much as I did, then you must read this one by the same author. It takes place over the course of 24 hours with flashbacks to the past, as it uncovers secrets of a Hollywood family. 3. The People We Meet O